Version 0.1.50 (Multiplayer)

– The new multiplayer version of pétanque52 is here now, it’s been a few years that you expect to find your friends on the ground for a good game of petanque. But it is only a first version and there is still a lot of work to do to reach a stable version. Currently only the player “1” can continue playing if his opponent has left the game, and it is not possible to resume a game in progress if we have been disconnected. I would add these options little by little in the coming days. Good parties and enjoy.

– I am waiting your feedback and do not hesitate to contact me about the bugs you are experiencing.

Beginning multiplayer game

Finally the multi-player server is in place, after looking for the best solution to run properly the game network, I chose the option “nodejs” and “” which works very well for this type of application. I also chose to do a load balancer in “nodejs” in order not to have a break of service and to compensate for the peaks of traffic. It is almost the same architecture as the first version but there was no load balancer at the time. The load balancer will allow several servers to run simultaneously as if a server falls, the service is not interrupted and the game continues to function normally.