Rules of the game of petanque

This game is simple, it is to get as close as possible to the goal (or also called, jack, little or cap) that the first player throws.

A game of petanque can be played at 1 our 1 or 2 teams of 2 or 3 players.

The player who starts the game is drawn (this option is not yet available in petanque52), he is in the circle to start the game.

The player throws the goal at a distance of 6 to 10 meters before throwing his first ball while trying to place it as close to the goal as possible.

The other player enters the circle and throws his ball trying to place it even closer to the goal than the opponent’s ball or tries to chase it away.

If he succeeds, it’s up to his opponent to play again. Otherwise he has to raise another ball until he picks up the point again or he does not have any more balls to play.

As soon as the player has no more balls, the opponent plays his balls trying to place them as best as possible. Once both players have no more balls, count the points of the current round. Then, it’s up to the winning player to start the goal, and the next round starts.

If a ball goes out of bounds, it’s out and can not count in the current heat.
If the goal is out of bounds, the player must restart the field.

How to win at Pétanque?

The first player with 13 points (or 7 points for the fastest games) in total wins the petanque game.

How to count the points at the petanque?

When no one has balls to throw, we look at which player has his ball closest to the goal. Only this player will score points for the current heat.

To determine how much this player scored points we proceed as follows: the player winning the round scores as many points as he has balls placed closer to the goal than the opponent .